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  • Item Description: Very good condition Hungarian Feg 9mm Browning High Power clone w/1 mag and a nice leather holster. Shoot incredible, smooth, super short reset. Shoot incredible, smooth, super short reset.

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  • Convert your standard mil spec AR 15, M4, M16 lower assembly to use 9mm and .40 S&W Glock Magazines. The Mag-AD series adapters install in seconds. Boasting a last round hold open feature making them a breakthrough product and a must-have for law enforcement and civilian gun enthusiasts alike. The Stern Mag Series adapters are made of aircraft grade aluminum, lightweight with ergonomic design.

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  • The magazine pouch fits a standard 45 ACP 8-rnd Mag easily, yet securely. The belt clip could be a bit tighter, but once the strap is released, removal is easy, and everything stays in place. With the strap secure over the pistol, a firm tug on it will pull the entire holster & gun off of a thick leather belt.

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  • MAGAZINES. SHOP ALL. ... The FEG PA 63 is a medium-frame semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9X18mm Makarov. ... The 9mm SAR 9X Platinum is an upgrade to the SAR 9 and an excellent semi-automatic ...

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  • The 9mm pistol extended mags is a weapon mod sold in Fallout: New Vegas. This mod increases the ammunition capacity of the 9mm pistol by seven rounds, from 13 to 20. The mod also gives the pistol a visually extended appearance...

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    Nov 22, 2020 · This is a used FEG PA-63 9mm MAK. Gun is in great condition, has a couple light handling marks on the frame. Comes with 1 magazine. This firearm has been visually inspected. The action function tests good. Has not been test fired. FEG-Budapest Hungarian Hi-Power 9mm Pistol. See Sold Price. This lot is for one, ten round removable magazine made in Belgium for a Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol. It comes with 1 magazine. and Equipped With Hogue Grips and Novak Sights, Overall in Excellent Condition.FEG MODEL 35 9MM HANDGUN AS IS MISSING MAG Greenville, NC : Used: $310.00: FEG HP M35 SURPLUS FROM ISRAEL Knoxville, TN : Used: $310.00: FEG P9M 9MM HP HI POWER Limington, ME : Used: $310.00: FEG P9M 9MM HP HI POWER Limington, ME : Used: $346.00: FEG KASSNAR IMPORT PJK 9 HP 9MM PISTOL Phenix City, AL : Used: $345.00: FEG FP9 9MM HI POWER COPY ... Magazine, Staccato P/XC/XL 9mm 140 Competition Ready Set #6-10 w/ Tact Adv. Aluminum Base Pads works with or without Dawson® Tactical Advantage Magwell "Limited Edition USA Flag" $364.90 Jul 23, 2014 · FEG PJK-9HP 9mm Hi-Power Hungary Auction # 396687147 Buy now for Location: Ozark, MO 65721 Payment Method: Money Order / Certified Check, Visa / MasterCard, See Item Description Salex Tax: Seller must collect sales tax from the following states: MO 7.975% Shipping Terms: 1st Class: $25.00 No international shipments.See Item Description.

    Any 9mm magazine that will work in an FN P-35 (Browning Hi Power) will work in any of the SINGLE ACTION FEG ]Hi Power and Hi Power style pistols. This includes the 15 round MecGar magazines. Repeat - SINGLE ACTION.
  • The FEG AP9 is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by the FÉG company of Hungary. FEG designed this weapon, based on the German Walter PP/PPK pistol series, just like many of the other post World War II Hungarian pistols. The pistols were produced primarily for the civilian market, and export. They use 9mm Browning Short (.380 ACP) ammunition, have a 7 round magazine capacity ...

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  • Buy Feg Model P9R .9mm: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 884322656

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  • Magazine, SGM Tactical, Glock Compatible, 10mm, 30 Round. Magazine, AR15, 350 Legend, 10rd. VIEW PRODUCT. Pistol, Banshee™ 100, MkGs, 9mm.

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  • 9MM.223 / 5.56 45 ACP.22 Long Rifle.22 Win Mag 12 Gauge.308 Winchester 40 S&W.38 Special View All Calibers Ammo By Manufacturer Qualified Professional Ammo Recently Added Ammo

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  • Tombstone Gun Grip Kits: www.TombstoneGrips.com - - Email: [email protected] - - Send tracings to: Tombstone Grips, PO Box 2171, White City, OR 97503 ***** Flat rate shipping for all items on the same order!

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  • The left side of the slide has factory rollmarks of 9mm „P-64”. Because the West knows the 9mm as the 9x19, importers added "Cal. Makarov" and "x18" in electropencil to indicate it's difference. The Polish P-64 and Makarov simply share their caliber - nothing else. DO NOT fire any other 9mm round (9x19, 9x17, etc.) in the P-64!

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  • Description. 9mm Magazine Followers (Universal for trapezoidal SMG magazines). We have brand new military steel magazine followers that fit a large number of magazines that have a trapezoidal shape such as the CZ Subguns, Swedish K, etc. Basic measurements across the face of these is...

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    Shooting a converted M9 magazine in a FEG P9R Two 14 round magazines for an FEG P9R 9mm pistol. Made in Hungary. A copy of the Browning Hi-Power 9mm. Mags will not interchange without modification. One had minor surface rust, but cleaned up nicely. Parkerizing has a blemish seen in pictures. Both are in very good condition. Check the pics and call or email with questions. No texts to my home phone. 1 - Nice 10rd magazine mag clip for FEG P9R & P9 - 9mm (F147) $39.90. Free shipping. feg gkk .45 acp 8 round magazine. $38.00. Free shipping. LOT #999 NICE!! FACTORY ... 22 mag. $699.99 excel arms mp-22 acceleration 22 mag used gun inv 228777. 45 acp. $1,499.99 ... night hawk t4 1911 9mm used gun inv 218460. name. email. birthdate

    9mm Mag Loader, 9mm Magazine Loader, Feg Pa 63 In Gun Magazines, Smith Wesson 9mm Magazine, Glock 17 9mm Magazine In Gun Magazines, Sig Sauer P229 9mm Magazine, SCCY 9mm Hunting Gun Ammunition Magazines, 9mm Pistols, MAKERSHOT Mag Speedloaders, Range & Shooting Mag Loaders
  • Magazines. Magazine Marker Bands. Matched Receiver Sets. Faxon Firearms set out to create a dependable and affordable 9mm PCC Upper that would be compatible with the widest range of 9mm PCC lowers and triggers.

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    SERIAL NUMBER AK06069, BARREL 3-3/8" CALIBER .380/9MM KURZ. Manufacture in Hungary for commercial civilian sale by Interarms in Alexandria VA. Chambered for the .380 acp cartridge with 7 round magazine capacity. Blue finish with checkered black plastic grips. Marked on right side of slide FEG Mark II and Model APK.

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    Browning Hi-Power FEG High Power Mec-Gar 10 round Magazine Hi Power 9mm New Old Stock FEG Arcus MGBR... NO NYC; CT Buyers please message us with a scan or photo of one of your state permits. Here are special edition factory contract magazines for the Browning Hi-Power Pistol. NO DIRECT DEALING OF 9MM AMMO or FIREARMS. Please provide links that are useful resources and will help out a community of 9mm and firearm enthusiasts. Please feel free to ask for help or advice, but if you do be as thorough as possible about your current problem and explain what you're...Magazines. Magazine Marker Bands. Matched Receiver Sets. Faxon Firearms set out to create a dependable and affordable 9mm PCC Upper that would be compatible with the widest range of 9mm PCC lowers and triggers.Valuation Report for Used MBK 9HP Handgun by FEG (Specs: Semi-auto, 9mm, 4.66", 14 Shot Capacity) 9mm FEG Gkk-92C for sale. Two 14 round magazines. Nice shooting pistol. $300 obo. Trade for inexpensive 1911 if interested. Thanks, Paul It is a semi-automatic Pistol chambered in 9MM with an 8" Threaded Barrel, Aluminum Frame and all black finish. 3x 30 round Magazines (yes, you read that right, we include THREE 30 ROUND MAGAZINES WITH EACH NEW STRIBOG!)

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    REMOVABLE MAG. MESSAGE US FOR A POSTAGE QUOTE? EU SPEC PPS43 ... 9mm PARA. 4.375" Barrel Length. Deactivated 10/4/2015. FEG - PISTOL. SOLD . Self Loading Pistol FEG ... Tombstone Gun Grip Kits: www.TombstoneGrips.com - - Email: [email protected] - - Send tracings to: Tombstone Grips, PO Box 2171, White City, OR 97503 ***** Flat rate shipping for all items on the same order!

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    Kassnar 9mm For Sale Mec-Gar Browning HP, REGENT BR9, REGENT BR9 SS, Charles Daly HP and FEG PJK-9HP 13 round 9mm magazine with a blued finish MGBRHP13B. The magazines does not fit the FEG P9, FEG P9R or FEG PRK. The magazines are also compatible in the Kareen and Kareen MK II, the Israeli Browning HP clone.

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    9mm Pistol. Revolvers. FEG P9RK (short barrel version), current manufacture, right side view. Characteristics P9R P9RK ACK Action type Double Action Calibers 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum .45ACP Weight 1000 g empty, 1170 g loaded 970 g empty, 1140 g loaded...Shop 9mm magazines online from top-selling brands. With 250+ 9mm magazines for sale on our website, we're confident you'll find a reliable, affordable 9mm magazine that Our collection of 250+ pistol magazines in 9mm are available in a wide variety of brands, colors, capacities and price ranges.feg. Since Jan 2020 you will find us at ZBOROVSKÁ 31, PRAHA 5, 150 00. ... Magazines. Atak Arms Zoraki, Beretta, ... Gas Pistol Atak Zoraki 914 Auto Satin cal. 9mm ...

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